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Hope for Homeowners

How does this program help me?

This is actually an FHA loan product and works much like a short refinance. This program will refinance troubled homeowners into a new, fixed rate mortgage. It will allow a refinance up to 96.5% of a home's current appraised value. In addition, the loan term can be extended out to 40 years. The most important feature is that your current lender must agree to forgive any debt that is above the 96.5% loan amount for this program to work. Why would you lender agree to this? Because this program might be less costly to your lender than a full foreclosure would be. Be aware though, this loan has a "shared equity" arrangement. That means if you sell the house in the future FHA has rights to a piece of the profit; it is called an "Exit Premium".

Who should I contact?

Any FHA approved lender can do the program. Use HUD's lender look-up to find a local FHA approved lender (HUD manages all FHA products). When interviewing lenders be sure to ask if they are familiar with the Hope for Homeowners program. If the answer is "no", keep looking until you find a lender that is!

What should I expect?

This loan is a little more complicated than a regular refinance. It should take 45 to 60 days depending on how busy the company is that you choose to do your loan. The company that handles this for you will have to liaison with your current lender and that is where most of the delays will occur.

Be prepared by having your personal financial documents ready (see our Resources section) and ask lot's of questions! This program does have some serious stipulations such as: future shared equity with the government and expensive mortgage insurance.