Learn more about the programs you saw on this site!

H.A.R.P and H.A.M.P.

Learn more about the H.A.R.P. and the H.A.M.P. programs from this government site.
H.A.R.P and H.A.M.P.(

Fannie Mae's site on the H.A.R. and H.A.M.P. programs.
H.A.R.P. and H.A.M.P. (

Freddie Mac's site on the H.A.R. and H.A.M.P. programs.
Home Saver Forbearance

Learn more about Fannie Mae's Home Saver Forbearance program.
Home Saver  Advance

Learn more about Fannie Mae's Home Saver Advance program.
Hope for Homeowners

Learn more about the Hope for Homeowners program.
Partial Claim

Learn more about the Hud's Partial Claim program.
Fast-Track Solution (Sub-Prime loans)

Learn more about this sub-prime loan solution.

Learn more about VA's programs to help you save your house.


Find non-profit counselors and foreclosure prevention agencies!

Use this great site to find free counselors, more foreclosure prevention options and resources!
HomeOwnership Preservation Foundation

Get free counseling and information on foreclosure myths.

This government site will give you resources, scam avoidance tips and advice on what to do if your lender won't help you.

Fannie Mae's site for tips, links, advice and information on foreclosure prevention. Lot's of good resources.

Freddie Mac's page for information on foreclosure prevention.